Trying new things (My first time to write on my own blog)

It’s always been my dream to make my own blog. Previously I have blogs but I never updated or I only make minimal updates. I only liked photos or followed a certain interests; upload a few photos but I did not post anything about myself, my day, my failures, my inspirations and other things. I think I became an online stalker. haha! kidding aside. But nevertheless, I think I learned also from not posting or really updating my blogs. I learned that I need to be responsible in what I am posting and what I will share. Also, I overcome my fear of posting/writing something online about myself. In this blog, I will absolutely rediscover myself (I may be surprise also with the outcome). Oh I’m so excited!

Anyway, I decided that my first entry in this blog is entitled Trying new things, as you can see. hahaha, Since becoming a ‘monk’ for almost year (if you add up all the time I prefer being at home.) Well, this is also one of the ‘new things’.  I decide this ‘thing’ because I once read or watch (I don’t remember which one hehe) that in overcoming whatever makes you afraid will make you happy 🙂 🙂  I really hope this will make me happy.

Happy reading! Enjoy whatever I can offer for everyone to feast onto something. May it be travels, adventures, sadness, failures, disappointments, joys, dreams, and aspirations.


This is also in my bucket list to try. 🙂

#tomanyfirsts #tryingnewthings #newself #rediscovering #lettinggo #life #tickedofffromthebucketlist


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